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This page will be a constant work-in-progress. As I find things . . . books, articles, websites, etc. . . that I believe would be helpful to an entrepreneur, I will post them here.

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Quickly build your marketing and financial skills by following these step-by-step tutorials. Learn how to turn your skills, experience and interest into a great new business. And, use the checkliss and quizzes to check your readiness to become your own boss.

Learn how to start and run a Boomer business.

Discover why people over 50 are starting businessses in record numbers.

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radio & TV segments

USA Today - "The New Entrepreneurs: Americans Over 50"
Find out how who else is becoming a Boomer entrepreneur today.

PBS Frontline: "Can You Afford to Retire?"
The Frontline show is one of the few news sources that my wife and I trust to tell a well-rounded, honest story. Such is the case with this very sobering report on the Boomer future.

AARP Survey - Exploding Boomer Myths
This very interesing article uses very recent survey data to dispel a number of myths about how Boomers are living their lives today. See how well you feel this profile matches your current life situation.

CNN/Money: Are You Ready To Start Your Own Business Quiz
Scroll down the page to find the start of this 10-question multiple-choice quiz which if answered honestly is quite revealing about your real readiness to head down the entrepreneurial path.

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our selected websites

Retirement Planning

2 Young 2 Retire
This website is built around the authors excellent primer on how to systematically review each aspect of your life before you make any final retirement-related decisions.

The authors, Marika and Howard Stone, have certified a team of life coaches in many states to present their proprietary retirement planning workshop. You can search by state on their homepage.

My Next Phase
This website features a series of assesment tools for determing your outlook about retirement and how prepared you are to enjoy it to the fullest.

Baby Boomer Lifeboat
Valuable tips and advice for Baby Boomers seeking to retire on a fixed income. This website also serves as a portal to other carefully selected websites containing useful information for Baby Boomers.

Working Differently
This talented team of career coaches, outplacement executives and personal coaches work with employers to offer innovative pre-retirement planning programs.
Launched by the founder of, this diverse website specializes in helping you look ahead to what life can offer you, through its "Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die" assessment and its community communication tool to let you connect with other 50+ people sharing similar interests to you.

Continuing Education

Elderhostel - Lifelong Learning Institute
Eldherhostel, a not for profit organization, is celebrating its 30th anniversary as the nation's first and the world's largest education and travel organization for older adults. This site offers many exceptional values in both continuing education and travel.

Jobs After 50

Retired Brains
Retired Brains helps you to return to work after you retire - part-time, full-time or temporarily. This site features an easy-to-use job search tool, powered by one of the most complete databases for job openings specially aimed at people 50 and over.

Gray Hair Management
Gray Hair Management helps senior professionals with the job race by coaching, mentoring, and personal-touch networking.

This job matching site for 50+ people offers an unusual twist - they pre-screen every company listing jobs on the site to see how well they conform to offering a "50+ friendly" workplace.

What Is Virtual Incubator?

Popularized in the 1980's, business incubator centers encourage the rapid growth of new businesses by offering low-cost space, expert advice and administrative support services all in one location.

The Virtual Incubator Coaching Network updates this proven business development concept for the 21st century - you provide the space, we give you all the advice, training, coaching and support services you need to successfully launch your business...all through one Virtual Incubator coach.

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