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Turn Your Good Idea
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We now have three ways we can help you get your business started very effectively!

First, we can help get your new business online fast and cost effectively!

Google says that 97% of all goods and services decisions are being made with a search somewhere in the process.  If you are going to be successful, your business needs to be online from the get go and our approach to getting you online is just what you need.

We build websites that start as low as $250 for setup and $25/month. We have online marketing packages that are equally inexpensive but very effective.  The good news...even though these are almost do-it-yourself prices, you will never be on your own get a trained Web Expert who works with you to develop a compelling message to help convert viewers into customers.  When the website is launched, we train you on how to manage it and will always be available to guide you to make changes if necessary.  

Your business needs an Online Image from the start.  If your time is worth money, let our Web Experts work with you to get you online cost effectively and FAST.  Call us at 858-229-5123 or email us at for more information

Second, we have our Build-a-Business Boot Camp

Are you chomping at the bit to turn your good business idea into a fun and profitable business?

Do you have friends, colleagues or neighbors who'd love to join you in a business start-up group?

Enroll in the next Build-a-Business boot camp session in your area and you and your friends will get your businesses up and running professionally and very affordably!
Learn all the details

Finally,  let me introduce you to our one-to-one training product the Virtual Incubator Business Start-Up Coaching Program.

I customize each coaching program to my client to assure that I provide just the right blend of coaching, business plan guidance and use of our team of start-up service experts.

I'll guide you to complete all of the details and decisions necessary for you to launch a fun and rewarding business - quickly and professionally.

This is our premium, "soup to nuts" one-to-one business start-up coaching package. Learn more.

Our Business Launch Process

Phase I
I guide you to create your business strategy and action plan.
Read the details

Phase 2
Our start-up services team creates your marketing system.
Read the details

Phase 3
Our support team helps you complete all organizational and financial tasks.
Read the details

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Our Business Launch Tools

Business Planning Workbook
You use the Virtual Incubator Launch Workbook to familiarize yourself with twenty-five key business planning decisions and use the included worksheets to prepare to discuss each decision with me, your Virtual Incubator coach.

Business Blueprint Outline
You record your business decisions as a running narrative in the Business Blueprint business plan outline, written in Word for Windows and provided to you on a handy CD, so you can take it on the road with you.

Coaching & Planning Sessions
You use what you've learned in your planning workbook to discuss each of the twenty-five planning decisions with me during our phone coaching sessions and e-mail planning prompts. You also work directly with our service providers team to provide input to permit them to complete a series of organizational tasks to more quickly and professionally launch your business.

Start-Up Service Providers
Certain business planning tasks can be more quickly and professionally completed by an expert service provider. We have combined the following key organizational tasks together into our Start-Up Services Package, included in your Virtual Incubator Coaching Program.

Here's whats included in the Start-Up Services Package:

  • An attention-getting logo design.
  • Business card layout and printing of 500 full-color, glossy business cards.
  • 30-minute CPA consultation to discuss your legal form and tax issues.
  • Assistance in legally registering your business.
  • Securing a FEIN.
  • Traffic-stopping website design (up to 7 pages, non-e-commerce).
  • Set up of your web hosting and business e-mail accounts.
  • Professional editing of the content for your website.
  • Help installing and using QuickBooks accounting software.


Let me know more about your coaching needs

If you have a question we don't answer in this section, please feel free to send the question to me by e-mail.

Q. How do you decide which clients to work with?

A. I talk to you. This is why I offer a free, no obligation phone review of your business concept, so that I can use the information you provide in your coaching request form and what you tell me during our phone conversation to determine if we are good fit for each other.

Q. How is Virtual Incubator coaching different from working with other small business counselors?

A. The big difference is the street-smart advice we provide in the start-up workbook and the do-it-for-you support you receive. Every planning resource and needed service provider is made available to you -- all in one place.

My private coaching is best described as a "soup-to-nuts" process, that includes an intensive period of coaching and coordination of our team of start-up service providers. It's not a quick, "here's-how-YOU-do-it" one weekend workshop. That won't get you past your time pressure and inertia.

Q. How long is my relationship with you as my Virtual Incubator coach?

A. The Virtual Incubator Business Start-Up Program is presented over twelve (12) weeks of time.

Request the full Virtual Incubator Program planning schedule.

Q. Are study materials provided when working with you as my Virtual Incubator coach?

A. Yes, you'll use the 163-page Virtual Incubator Business Launch Workbook to organize your business launch preparation into 25 planning decisions, and to prepare you to most effectively work with me during each coaching session.

You'll also receive the Business Blueprint business planning CD (written in Word for Windows), which you'll use to enter your planning decisions into a word processing document thereby creating a business plan narrative, which is supported by your financial projections.

Q. Do I get help with tasks such as designing my logo and creating my business website?

A. Yes you do!. I coordinate our team of business start-up experts, which includes:

  • A graphic designer.
  • CPA.
  • Copywriter.
  • Website designer.
  • QuickBooks expert.

Q. Am I expected to apply myself full-time to planning my new business?

A. If you mean 40 hours per week, then the answer is no. But I can tell you from working with hundreds of start-up clients that you will progress more rapidly if you commit at least 10 hours per week to prepare for each coaching or planning session.

Q. What can I expect to have done when I complete my work with you as my Virtual Incubator coach?

A. You will have:

  • Completed a marketing strategy plan along with a promotional action plan and schedule.

  • Selected a business address and created a business identity, including a logo, color scheme, business card layout, and web domain name.

  • Completed legal registration and compliance with any other pertinent government regulations.

  • Completed a plan to set up your office space, business technology and local business support services.

  • Secured a website design and compelling website content.

  • Set up your customer service and sales support systems.

  • Arranged your business banking set up, including a merchants credit card account, where applicable.

  • Installed QuickBooks accounting software and, when desired, received a tutorial on its use.

  • Set your expense budget and projected your first year profit and loss and cash flow.

  • Reviewed personal and business insurance coverage.

  • Learned the tax filing requirements for your kind of business form and learned how to handle the Home Office Office Deduction.

  • Set up your telecommunications system.

  • Decided upon what kind of personnel support you will need.

  • Arranged a reliable system for producing and delivering your product or service.

To help me most effectively respond to your coaching inquiry, please fill in and submit this form. I will promptly contact you.

Skip Dalyrmple

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What Is Virtual Incubator?

Popularized in the 1980's, business incubator centers encourage the rapid growth of new businesses by offering low-cost space, expert advice and administrative support services all in one location.

The Virtual Incubator Coaching Network updates this proven business development concept for the 21st century - you provide the space, we give you all the advice, training, coaching and support services you need to successfully launch your business...all through one Virtual Incubator coach.

What Our
Clients Say

"Downsized at age 52, I decided it was time to start my own business. Thanks to the Virtual Incubator program materials and my Virtual Incubator coach's steady guidance, I turned my corporate experience into a $100,000+ consulting business".
Ken Proskie
Compass Health & Safety

"I was ready to get out on my own after more than 25 years in the military and working for defense contractors.The Virtual Incubator coaching program took me through the decisions I needed to make, in the order I needed to make them.  The discounts from the service providers gave my budget a shot in the arm".
Oscar Womack

"I know the graphic design business well, but when I decided to add training workshops, I didn't realize all the important details I needed to address. The step-by-step coaching during the Virtual Incubator program helped me successfully launch my new workshops".
Denise Laurin

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